Thursday, April 1, 2010

More good news!!!!

I got a call from my realtor today and the bank approved our offer for the house. Yeah, I am so excited. They accepted all of it. We asked that seller pays for closing, check; we asked for a 45 day closing period, check; and we offer x amount and they took it. It is a 4bedroom, 2 bath, 2400sqft, on 1.5 acres. Thanks everyone for th good thoughts and prayers.

The new position is going good. Lots to learn and many mistakes to make. I have to tell ya'll a funny. We were checking the code blue buttons and the tech I was going to check them with had to go and help get a room ready for surgery. So I had another person help me with the task. This involves calling a bunch of people to tell them the we are just checking the code buttons. Well we finished no problems and I had just hung up the phone and I hear a code button go off and then I hear over the loud speaker THROUGHOUT the hospital "code blue..." I thought I was gonna die. The nursing supervisor shows up, an ER doc, and a couple of other people. Like I have said my whole life is "if it's gonna happen, it will happen to me."

Thanks for reading my other thoughts this week. I am going to be filming a video on the flowers from the wreath I made tomorrow so watch out for that. Hope everyone is having a good week.

Happy Stampin and remember to Ink It UP!!!!


  1. Very exciting news! Glad it all worked out for you!! :-)

  2. Congrats on the home! I'm also a real estate broker besides my day job..I love when a good deal comes together! I know how excited you must be!
    Sounds like my luck with the code blue alarm..LOL
    good luck with all the new things in your life..sounds like your prayers are being answered :)