Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Blues...

Well I thought yesterday was bad, well today topped this list of all time bad days. I will start on a positive note. My daughters surgery went well, she had only 1 lump removed and it does not appear to be cancerous. Now for today. We (my daughter and I) were heading to the hospital for her to have surgery and of we were running late and yes I was in a hurry. We some gentleman in a pickup truck in front of me was playing games, speeding up and slowing down, for about 2 miles. Well next thing I know he floored his brakes, no warning, no tapping, just WHAM!!! Yup, you guessed it, I rear ended him. Well the police and fire department came to the seen and this "gentleman" stated that a fox ran out in front of him. Yeah right, when I first hit him the first thing out of his mouth was "why were you riding my a**." I got a summons from the accident and have to appear in court the day before my birthday. I may have to pay a $175 fine, and loose 4 points on my license. It is up to the DA.

Then I get home from my daughter's surgery to find a letter from a collection agency. At this point in my story I will give you some back ground. I am an RN in a busy Spine and Total Joint Center (operating room), about a month ago I got stuck by a dirty needle that someone had thrown in the trash. Well according to the facility a needle stick wins you a free trip to the ER. I took my trip to the ER, got my blood drawn, filled out the required paperwork, and went along my merry way. Now back to today. The hospital that I work at turned me over to a collection agency for the unpaid bill when it wasn't even my bill. It is the hospital's responsibility for this bill.

So that is my day in a nut shell. If anyone has a favorite prayer, chant, good luck charm I so could use the help. Thanks for the vent. Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. I am already getting sore tonight so I know my back is gonna kill me in the morning.

Happy Stampin my friends, and remember to Ink It UP!!!

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  1. {{{{HUGS}}}} to you and may today be much brighter! Thank God that all appears to be okay with your daughter, sometimes you really need to focus on the good things in order to not let the bad things get you down. Keeping you in my prayers.

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board